Saturday, 13 November 2010

Review: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White

This was one of the books that I devoured during the Halloween Read-a-thon, and boy did I devour this book. It was freaking fantastic!!!

I loved Paranormalcy, and I'll be honest, I love a lot of books, I'm really not that picky if it's stuff that I like, and with Paranormalcy, it was packed full of things that I liked! Obviously, since it is called 'Paranormalcy' it was filled with the paranormal, which is most definitely my favourite genre at the moment. There were werewolves, vampires, mermaids, normal humans, and other crazy paranormal species throughout this story, and each chapter just got more and more interesting. It was also one of those stories that as you're reading it you start to figure out what's going on as it unravels for the protagonist, and boy do you feel smart when your hunches are right! ;)

As far as the characters go in this book, they were spectacular. Evie was an awesome protagonist, and I loved how extreme she was. She was hilarious, and she was fierce. I especially loved how she described being able to see past glamours, it was incredibly fascinating, like how vampires were all nasty looking underneath that gorgeous glamour they have. It was crazy, and I loved it! :D

I also loved Lend, he was awesome! Probably one of the sweetest dudes ever, and like Evie, he was different. Their budding friendship made me smile, and I loved when he and Evie would just hang out, so freaking adorable! Evie and Lend are the cutest couple, and I just absolutely adored them together! :)
...oh and how can I not talk about Tasey!!! Yes, Tasey is Evie's pink taser with rhinestones and all that. If I ever get a taser, it is so gonna look like that, or maybe I'll make mine orange instead. Tasey is a force to be reckoned with, so don't mess with the Tasey!

Back onto this review, and away from the topic of tasers...Paranormalcy was a remarkable story, and I cannot wait until Supernaturally comes out because Paranormalcy definitely left me craving more!

If you haven't read Paranormalcy yet...well what are you waiting for???

And if you have Goodreads and want to add Paranormalcy's sequels to your To-Read list here are the links:
Book 3: Untitled (as of right now)

Happy Reading and Do Svidaniya!!!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. Paranormalcy is such a great book. Evie and Lend are one of my favorite couples in YA stories. :)

  2. I loved everything about this book! Adorable!

  3. @Ava: Same here, they're so freaking perfect together! :D

    @Karen: Me too :D

    Thanks for your comments :D


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