Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Cover Catch-Up (28): Simple & Stunning Sequels

In "Cover Catch-Up" I share some covers that have either been recently revealed, or that I've just found and really wanted to share. 

Today I've got two covers that couldn't be more different! The first is for an adult, contemporary romance, and the second is from a YA, dystopia...but they do have a couple of things in common: (1) they're both sequels, and (2) seeing both covers got me extremely excited!

Keep scrolling and see if they get you excited, too!

The first cover that I have today is for one of my absolute favourite series and writing duos! It's BEAUTIFUL (Beautiful Bastard #5) by Christina Lauren.

BEAUTIFUL (Beautiful Bastard #5) by Christina Lauren
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Date: October 5, 2016


One free spirited Brit. One man weighed down by responsibility . . .
(Also, a disorientatingly sweet Chloe, confused Bennett, grumpy Sara, Max as you know and love him, travel planner Hanna, chef Will, drunk Ruby, content Niall, George–oh, George–a rented van)
. . . and a whole lot of wine.

Pssst. Hypable just revealed this cover and that brief synopsis this week, and I am DYING. I love, love, LOVE this cover! It's super simple, but it looks a lot like the cover for the first book, BEAUTIFUL BASTARD, and that gives me ALL the feels!!! ALL OF THEM! This book makes me want to jump up and down and fangirl. I'm desperate for October so that I can read it...but I also don't want October to come because this is the LAST book in the series. The LAST one...LAST. If you can't tell (note: that's sarcasm, of course you can tell :P), I'm a bit sad that this series is ending. The absolutely amazing writing duo who make up Christina Lauren have a tendency to write their characters into other series...there's some overlap, so I'm hoping that while this is the end of the Beautiful Bastard series, it might not be the last time that we see all of these fabulous characters. I'm also hoping for more bonus scenes because they also like to write those. Either way, even if this is the end, I'm so extremely excited for BEAUTIFUL, and I love how the cover echoes the first one.

The second cover that I have to share is for a series that I haven't started yet. It's for THE SWAN RIDERS (Prisoner's of Peace #2) by Erin Bow! 

THE SWAN RIDERS (Prisoner's of Peace #2) by Erin Bow
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: September 20, 2016


Treacherous twists await Greta as the stakes get even higher in this stunning follow-up to the “masterful” (School Library Journal, starred review) novel, The Scorpion Rules.

Greta Stuart has become AI. New transmitters have silvered her fingerprints. New receptors have transformed her vision. And the whole of her memory has become one book in a vast library of instant knowledge. Greta is ready to rule the world.

But the new technology is also killing her.

Greta is only sixteen years old, but her new enhancements are burning through her mortal body at an alarming rate. Of course the leader of the AIs, an ancient and compelling artificial intelligence named Talis, has a plan. Greta can simply do what he’s done when the time comes, and take over the body of one of the Swan Riders, the utterly loyal humans who serve the AIs as part army, part cult.

First though, Greta will have to find a way to stay sane inside her new self. Talis’s plan for that involves a road trip. Escorted by Swan Riders, Greta and Talis set out on a horseback journey across the strange and not-quite-deserted landscape of Saskatchewan. But there are other people interested in Greta, people who want to change the world…and the Swan Riders might not be as loyal as they appear…

I haven't read THE SCORPION RULES yet, but I do have a kindle copy and I've been wanting to read it. This news of a sequel, and a gorgeous cover redesign make me want to get to it sooooo badly!!! I tend to really dislike cover redesigns, but I actually love these new covers so much! The first cover was nice, but these covers are stunning!!!  I love that they have the computer chip overlap in the background! The title fonts are GORGEOUS! And the metallic symbols for scorpions and swans are absolutely BREATHTAKING! Seriously these covers are so freaking pretty, and they seem to fit so much better with the story, even just going by the description. These new covers have gotten me all excited over these books...and I'm definitely going to have to finally read The Scorpion Rules so that I can devour THE SWAN RIDERS when September comes along. :P

What do you think?
Do you love the covers for BEAUTIFUL and THE SWAN RIDERS as much as I do?


  1. I seriously NEED to read The Scorpion Rules too and well, the cover for Swan Riders is GORGEOUS ♥ I'd never even seen it before so thanks for sharing my friend! xx


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