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Blue Lines Blog Tour: Review, Playlist & Teaser!!!

Blue Lines
Nashville Assassins #4
By: Toni Aleo
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Publisher: Loveswept - Random House
Release Date: December 9, 2013

Opposites do more than just attract in Toni Aleo’s latest Nashville Assassins novel about a very bad boy and the good girl he can’t resist.

The instant Piper Allen sees Erik Titov, she wants him—wants his rock-hard body, sure, but the strength and mystery that lies behind that superstar hockey jock demeanor, too. So when he sidles up to her at a bar and slinks his arm around her waist, she’s lost. What follows is the wildest night of her life . . . followed by inevitable heartbreak the next morning. And then, a few weeks later, a very big surprise: two blue lines on a pregnancy test.

Only a check to the head could make Erik fall for a nice girl like Piper. But since their crazy-sexy night together, he’s been trying to forget about her alluring body by falling into bed with every woman in Nashville, and it’s not working. So when Piper shows up at his house with a baby-bomb to drop, it doesn’t take much for Erik to suggest the nuclear option: marriage. While it’s supposed to be all for show, the second they say “I do,” the ice between them starts to melt into sizzling steam.

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, and Empty Net.
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Author Info
Toni Aleo is the author of the Nashville Assassins series: Taking Shots, Trying to Score, Empty Net, and Blue Lines. When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s probably going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, taking pictures, scrapbooking, or reading the latest romance novel. She lives in the Nashville area with her husband, two children, and a bulldog.

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I'm a huge fan of Toni Aleo's Assassins Series, and Blue Lines made me love it even more! I loved the characters, the story, and the ending was just perfect! :D 

One of the things I love most about the Assassins series is seeing all of the characters' lives interact, and I think it's awesome that we get to see the main characters from the previous books pop up in the newer ones. :D I also love that with Erik and Piper, we know them already! Piper appears quite a bit in the previous books and while we don't know Erik as well, we've seen him before, too, and I love that we finally get to read their story in Blue Lines!

I have to admit that my favourite part of Blue Lines was Piper herself. I loved her. She's just so unique and I love that she's always willing to go for her dreams, even if no one else believes she can accomplish them, she knows she can and that's what really matters. I really grew to love Erik, too. At first I just thought he was sexy...and that he was a total douche-bucket, but the more I got to know him, the more I understood why he acted the way he did, and I actually sympathized with him a lot. Sure, I still totally wanted to shake some sense into him, but I did understand him. I absolutely loved that Toni Aleo made Erik's actions so understandable. Even Piper made mistakes, but again, it was really easy to see where she was coming from. The characters were flawed, but were still easy to relate to. They just felt so real to me and I really loved that.

 I've loved all of the characters in this series (especially Shea...I still love that guy so fricken much! :D), but I think that Piper and Erik are my favourite pairing so far. They compliment each other really well, and I think they make each other better people. They help each other grow so much and I just loved that. I also loved their chemistry and sexual tension! ;D

Overall, I loved Blue Lines! I loved seeing Piper and Erik get closer together, seeing them work together on each others' issues, and just getting to see their relationship evolve. Blue Lines was an amazing story, and I had a huge smile on my face once I finished...such a wonderful ending! Now that I've read Blue Lines, I also have a huge urge to reread the entire series, and I absolutely cannot wait for more from Toni Aleo!!! She's one of my favourite sports romance authors, and if you haven't tried one of her books yet, you seriously NEED to!


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Shaking her head, Piper wiped away another countless tear as she replayed that phone call over in her head. Why was she still doing this to herself? It had been almost six months!
Piper wasn’t sure why she’d told Audrey and Elli, her two best friends, before she told her family about the pregnancy, but she had. She had kept her secret for long enough and needed to tell someone. Elli’s reaction was much different than she’d expected; rather than freaking out she was consoling and offered Piper a place to live as she sorted through the details of the pregnancy and her future.
Elli told her, “Go to my house in Sweetbriar and pull yourself together. You need to tell Erik; he needs to know. It will hurt everyone in the long run if you don’t. Don’t do this to yourself, or him, and more important, to your unborn baby.”
Piper couldn’t have agreed more now, but typical Piper, she had waited until the very last moment. Now she was scared to death to tell him. What would Erik think? Would he hate her? Oh God, what would their families think? She knew keeping the pregnancy secret wasn’t her best decision but she couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone. No one even suspected. And she hadn’t even seen Erik to tell him. But she was ready to share her secret now; she was starting to show, and in all reality, it was about damn time.
Because Piper was almost six months pregnant.
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