Friday, 30 November 2012

Impossible Blog Tour: Top 10 List & Giveaway!

Komal Kant: I’m going to hand these Top 5 Lists over to my characters, Luca and Ashton because they are so much more capable of coming up with the lists than I am. I warned them to keep things PG-rated so I hope they listened to me for once.

‘Ways to Climb the Social Ladder in High School’ by Ashton Summers

Ashton: I’m not much of a social climber these days, but in the past the following tips have worked for me somewhat. I only say “somewhat” because if you’ve read Impossible, you’ll know all about my disastrous plummet to the bottom of the high school food chain. So, maybe I’m not the best person to be taking advice from…

1. Make sure you are dating the hottest guy in school A.K.A. Oliver Carson from the football team.
2. Ensure that you are dressed in the latest clothes. If you can’t afford them, cheap rip-offs will do. Or you could always raid your Mom’s wardrobe and call your outfit “vintage”.
3. Have a lot of popular friends. There’s nothing that says “social climber” like mingling with the popular kids.
4. Practice your smile. Everyone knows there’s nothing more attractive than a nice smile. Make sure your smile isn’t creepy or evil-looking. Don’t use too much teeth either!
5. Double check for spinach or lettuce in your teeth before you flash your crush the smile you’ve been practicing for hours. Remember, social climber, not social suicide!

‘Ways to Keep a Low Profile in High School’ by Luca Byron

Luca: I’m not the greatest at keeping a low profile in high school. Actually, I think the problem was that I stood out a bit TOO much. Still, if I wanted to keep a low profile, these are the things I’d try. Obviously, girls can’t try number 3, so we’ll have to figure out the female equivalent to it. Fake beard, maybe?

1. Buy a baseball cap. Wear it low. Use it to cover your face.
2. Grow your hair long. Wear it down. Use it to cover your face.
3. Grow a beard. Use it to cover your face. P.S. Remember to trim your beard.
4. Invest in an iPod and earphones. Put in your earphones, turn up the music (preferably Black Sabbath or Nirvana) and drown out the sounds around you.
5. Practice how to blend into the surroundings so you don’t stand out. Wearing a camouflage outfit can also help.
Warning: Make sure you don’t go all out with your outfit. You don’t want females thinking you are a “man in uniform” because then you WILL get attention.

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