Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Blog Hop Winner!

Okay, so the winner is:

Donna Simmonds

Congratulations, Donna! :D I'll be emailing you shortly. You will have 48 hours to claim your prize. If you don't get an email from me in the next little while, contact me at


And in case you were wondering, by the winter hats we wear....I did mean toques (not spelled tooks :P)! :D

I also definitely enjoyed reading your facts and random stereotypes answers. :)
I'll clear some up for you.

We do not actually eat a lot of macaroni and cheese...some people might, but it is not some common staple diet here...unless you're a poor University student I guess, but that's not unique to Canada. :P

The drinking age actually isn't 18 in most of Canada. The majority of Canada has a drinking age of 19. It's only Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta that have a drinking age of 18. Although, every once in a while you'll hear mention of them trying to change it. :)

We do have Mounties, or the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mountain Police), however, we have separate police entities, too. Not all of our police are actually Mounties. Edmonton for example has it's own police force completely separate from the Mounties, while the RCMP are more in the smaller towns and area. Also, they don't wear the red outfit and ride horses anymore...except for ceremonies, and events like parades. :)
 Hockey is actually a pretty big deal. Not for everyone though. :P

Someone mentioned the accent and about...I've not even gonna go there. We don't say "aboot" and that's all I'm gonna say before I go into a rant. I will acknowledge that we do say "eh" sometimes. My dad actually says it quite a bit. :P

Yay for poutine!!! :D

There were a few How I Met Your Mother ones...which I loved! I love that show. One mentioned Canadians are afraid of the dark...that's actually a joke. There used to be a kids show called "Are You Afraid of the Dark" and it was Canadian, hence the joke on HIMYM. It's a pun...although in all honesty, I was afraid of the dark when I was little. :P

Canadian bacon. Yes, it's a ham, not the only ham albeit, but that doesn't mean we don't have regular bacon, too. I don't actually eat Canadian bacon...I don't think I ever actually have. I eat regular bacon, and usually honey ham. :P

We do still acknowledge the Queen of England and are still part of the Commonwealth.

Thanks for sharing your Canadian facts, stereotypes, and comments. :) Also, thanks for entering everyone! I loved reading all your answers. I think I'll have to think of a fun giveaway where you can all give me crazy answers again soon. ;) haha

Anyone else have some comments on the Canadian facts or stereotypes? Who eats a lot of Canadian bacon? Any hockey fans or hockey haters? ;)

Happy belated Canada Day everyone! :D

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