Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to school once again....random entry, nothing too important

Okay, so it's now Saturday, almost Sunday to be honest, and I've already finished the first half week of school, you could hardly call it a week, since we started on Wednesday. I'm not sure how I feel about being back. It's nice to have something to do, and I do like learning, the tests and assignments though, not so much.

The atmosphere on campus is so intense in September, everyone seems to be on overdrive. You walk faster. You talk faster. You probably even breathe faster. That being said. The lines are not so much fun and neither is waking up early, but thankfully, my classes all start late enough that you can barely call my wakeup time early, it's not sleeping in, but it's still pretty nice.

This year, I'm talking Russian, and I'm loving it. It's sooooo different from English, even the alphabets aren't the same. I'm hoping that I'll continue to like it, and if it keeps going like this I'm sure I will. I'm eager to learn the's the remembering part about it that I'm worried about.

For anyone who's curious, this is the Russian Alphabet or as the Russian's would say, "Russkiy Alfavit."

The biggest downside to being back to school is that it's so hard to read things for personal pleasure, especially since most of the classes I'm taking this semester involve reading. Right now, I'm reading Jane Eyre, I'm getting soooo close to the end and I'm getting anxious. I want to know how it ends so bad...I've got my fingers crossed for Jane and Mr.Rochester. Hopefully it all works out, if not I've always got tissues at hand.
I'm in a picture sharing mood, can you tell? :)

Another downside (of September at least)'s freaking freezing lately!!! Last September we had a heat wave, this year it feels like it's going to start snowing any second. That's one of the hazards of living in Alberta I guess though, the weather is completely unpredictable.

 Do Svidanya, and happy reading as always!! :)


  1. Sometimes I really, really miss being in school. I would've loved learning Russian. but yes, I remember that intense beginning of term feeling. Such a wild ride. Goes so so fast.

  2. Hi Ambur! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Russian looks pretty hard, but very interesting!! Good luck!


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