Monday 3 April 2017

Timeless Tour - Review: PROMISES TO KEEP by Genevieve Graham

Hi again to my fellow historical fiction fans! I'm back with another post for Simon & Schuster Canada's TIMELESS TOUR

During the course of this tour, I'll be a part of a group of bloggers sharing posts relating to three of S&S Canada's big historical romance books this season: PROMISES TO KEEP, THE ENEMIES OF VERSAILLES, and THE SCRIBE OF SIENA!

Today for the Timeless Tour, I'm sharing my review for Genevieve Graham's PROMISES TO KEEP!

Before I dive right into my review, here's a bit about the book:


Author: Genevieve Graham
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Source: Received an ARC from S&S Canada to participate in the
Timeless Tour and give an honest review.
Release Date: April 4, 2017
Number of Pages: 336 (Paperback)

An enchanting and poignant story about the unfailing power of love in a world turned upside down by war—from the bestselling author of Tides of Honour.

Summer 1755, Acadia

Young, beautiful Amélie Belliveau lives with her family among the Acadians of Grande Pré, Nova Scotia, content with her life on their idyllic farm. Along with their friends, the neighbouring Mi’kmaq, the community believes they can remain on neutral political ground despite the rising tides of war. But peace can be fragile, and sometimes faith is not enough. When the Acadians refuse to pledge allegiance to the British in their war against the French, the army invades Grande Pré, claims the land, and rips the people from their homes. Amélie’s entire family, alongside the other Acadians, is exiled to ports unknown aboard dilapidated ships.

Fortunately, Amélie has made a powerful ally. Having survived his own harrowing experience at the hands of the English, Corporal Connor MacDonnell is a reluctant participant in the British plan to expel the Acadians from their homeland. His sympathy for Amélie gradually evolves into a profound love, and he resolves to help her and her family in any way he can—even if it means treason. As the last warmth of summer fades, more ships arrive to ferry the Acadians away, and Connor is forced to make a decision that will alter the future forever.

Heart-wrenching and captivating, Promises to Keep is a gloriously romantic tale of a young couple forced to risk everything amidst the uncertainties of war.


My immediate reaction after finishing PROMISES TO KEEP was WOW and that feeling hasn't left me yet. It's been my favourite of Genevieve Graham's books so far, and I think it's definitely her strongest book! Not only has she crafted a sweet romance between two honourable and strong characters, she's also woven a story of Canada's past in an engaging way, and I think she did a wonderful job with both!

The characters, the plot, the history, everything came together so well, and it left me eager to find out what would happen next! As I read each page, I became more and more invested in Amélie and Connor's story, and it had me hopeful when I knew there really wasn't much hope to be had. I have to admit that I really don't know much about the Acadians's history in Canada, so I was extremely interested in learning about them through PROMISES TO KEEP, and I loved the journey that Genevieve took me on!

Genevieve's vibrant and lush descriptions swept me away, and I could really imagine the idyllic life that the Acadians were living in Grand Pré. Their home was paradise, and it made it all the more tragic to experience what it must have felt like for them to be living there during the expulsion. What I loved most though (as is usual for me), were the characters. All of the characters were complex and well developed, and I absolutely adored the two main characters, Amélie and Connor! They were fantastic and I loved seeing their connection. Their budding romance was an excellent contrast to the conflict and turmoil surrounding them, and their perseverance was amazing!

While PROMISES TO KEEP isn't a happy story, mostly because the Acadian Expulsion was anything but happy, it was a wonderful journey to experience. Genevieve Graham has done an excellent job of pairing a sweet romance along with a dark time in Canada's history. She's brought awareness to something that not everyone knows about (myself included), and she's done it in a lively and engaging manner. If you're a fan of historical fiction, especially if you have an interest in Canadian history, and you also enjoy sweet romances, I think this is the perfect book for you!

About the Author:

GENEVIEVE GRAHAM graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in music in 1986 and began writing in 2007. She is passionate about breathing life back into history through tales of love and adventure, and loves the challenge of re-living Canadian history in particular. Her previous novel, Tides of Honour, was a Globe and Mail bestseller.

When Graham is not writing, she can be found relaxing with her husband and two grown daughters, teaching piano to children in the community, or tending the garden along with a friendly flock of heritage chickens. She lives near Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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As you can tell, I absolutely LOVED Promises to Keep!

What about you?
Are you a fan of historical fiction?
Have you read any of Genevieve Graham's books?
And are you planning to read Promises to Keep?

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