Monday, January 23, 2017

Cover Reveal: BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS by Meg Kassel

Hello, bookworms! 

Today I have an exciting cover reveal for you!! It's the cover for BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS by Meg Kassel, one of Entangled TEEN's top books for 2017!

I'm going to keep my introduction for it short and sweet! It's a bit dark, taunting, and definitely gorgeous...scroll down to see it for yourself!





Black Bird of the Gallows
by Meg Kassel
Publisher: Entangled TEEN
Pub Date: September 5, 2017


A debut novel about a teenage girl who discovers the new boy next door is a harbinger of death, and who must find a way to survive in a town destined for tragedy.

A simple but forgotten truth: Where harbingers of death appear, the morgues will soon be full. Harbingers settle in places where tragedy is about to strike, then feed on the energy of the dying. Then, they leave. Off to the next doomed place. No one wants a family of harbingers of death as neighbors, but that’s exactly what seventeen-year-old Angie Dovage gets when Reece Fernandez moves in next door.

Angie knows the mysterious boy is more than he appears, but can’t imagine that his presence heralds a tragedy that will devastate her small community. But her fears run deeper than Reece’s inevitable departure, because where harbingers of death go, grotesque, ruined creatures called Beekeepers follow. And where Beekeepers go, fear and chaos and death follows.

Angie wants to protect everyone she cares about, but stopping the Beekeepers involves a choice that will claim her life or Reece’s soul. She will learn the price of both.

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About the Author

Meg Kassel is the author of The Black Bird of the Gallows. A New Jersey native, Meg graduated from Parson's School of Design and worked as a graphic designer. She now lives in Maine with her husband and daughter and is busy at work on her next novel.
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I really like this cover! The colours are gorgeous, and I love how it looks like it's been painted with watercolours and inks...absolutely stunning! It definitely has an eerie feel to it which goes PERFECTLY with the description!

What about you?
Are you excited to read BLACK BIRD OF THE GALLOWS?
And what do you think of the cover?

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  1. I love it, it's so gorgeous! Can't wait to read this one :D


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