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Review: Mary Green by Melanie Kerr

Source: Received an ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Publisher: Stonehouse Publishing
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Number of Pages: 316 (Paperback)

Description from Goodreads:
Mary Green, obscure orphan and ward of the wealthy Hargreaves family, has always accepted her inferior position with grace, humility, and gratitude. When she discovers that her only friend is to leave the country forever, that her confidence has been betrayed by the unfeeling youngest daughter of the family, and that her very deprivation is the object of the mockery and scorn of everyone she has sought to honour, she determines to cast them off and make her own way in the world. On her twenty-first birthday, free to choose her own destiny, she dreams of peace and tolerance, and perhaps a partner who might be noble enough to love her in all her simplicity. But when an unexpected foray into London society disrupts all her plans, she is faced with an uncharacteristic storm of feelings. Will she grow strong and happy in her independence, or will her character be lost amidst her newfound ambition? Unable to trust the whims of her own heart, Mary is forced to confront the question that has forever plagued her: Who is she and where does she come from?
About the Author

Melanie Kerr studied linguistics, English, and theatre at the University of British Columbia, and law at the University of Alberta. Kerr is a reckless lover of clotted cream, a staunch defender of the semi-colon, and a fierce opponent of unpleasant music. She wooed her current and only husband with false promises of skill at word games and eternally good hair. She lives in Edmonton, where she raises her three young children, sews her own Regency costumes, organizes Regency costume events, blogs on all things old and English, endeavours to take over the world, and occasionally practices law.

Connect with Melanie: Website | Twitter


I'm a HUGE fan of Jane Austen, so I'm always on the lookout for books that are similar to hers! As soon as I heard about MARY GREEN, I was intrigued! I loved the idea of a book that was Austen-inspired, but completely unique, too. I was extremely excited to read it and it completely met and then greatly surpassed my expectations!

While MARY GREEN did have elements that reminded me of Austen's works, it was still so strong on its own! Melanie Kerr has written an absolutely wonderful story, and I loved everything about it. Her characters were fantastic, the writing was superb, and it definitely had a tone that I've come to adore from classic titles like Austen's. The story definitely isn't a retelling, but it did have certain elements and twists that reminded me of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and EMMA, and if I'm forced to choose those are my favourite of Austen's books, so I loved that!

 I've always been a reader who generally loves character-driven stories over plot-driven ones, and MARY GREEN is definitely all about character! It fits extremely well in the novel genre that Austen herself is so well known for, and when it comes to novels, the main character really does make or break a story. In the case of MARY GREEN, Mary was a wonderful narrator. She definitely wasn't perfect, but she was aware, intelligent, generous, and she was willing to change or listen when she realized her own mistakes. Mary starts the story with a rather mysterious past, and it was extremely interesting to see it all become clear. The story was full of twists and turns, which I loved! I've always been a fan of stories with twists, and I love trying to guess what will happen later in a story. I'm usually pretty good at figuring out what will come, so it's always a pleasure to be surprised and there were a few times where this story went far further than I expected and I loved that!!

Overall, I absolutely LOVED MARY GREEN! I'd definitely recommend this one to other Jane Austen fans because Melanie Kerr has written a wonderful story that will warm the hearts of Austen fans! Don't worry though, even if you've yet to read any of Jane Austen's books, I think you could still love this story! It has a strong, dynamic main character who faces many challenges after her life drastically changes. It's a story of friendship, love, growing up, and self-discovery, so it covers some extremely universal themes!

What do you think?
Does MARY GREEN sound like a book you'd enjoy?

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