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Review: Perfect Game by Collette West

Source: Received an ebook from the author as a beta reader, and a finished copy in exchange for an honest review.
Release Date: Already Released.
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Description from Goodreads:
For New York Kings' first baseman Scott Harper, scoring women is easy. He's ready to get naked anytime, anywhere. But when a hacker leaks his nude selfies, he's unprepared for the scrutiny his full-frontals receive.

Carrie McKenzie has a love-hate relationship with her body. No longer the fat chick guys can ignore, she wins the job as the Kings' clubhouse reporter. With her svelte new figure, she nabs an exclusive interview with Scott to get his take on the scandal.

However, the two are already on a first-name basis after Scott came on to her in the hotel bar, and she woke up in his arms. The problem is that Scott doesn't do relationships and Carrie doesn't date jocks, yet the way they burn up the sheets is deserving of more than just a one-night stand.

Scott shows Carrie that he has a sweet, caring side beneath all the swagger. But can she really trust her heart to the biggest player in the game?


I meant to have this review up MONTHS ago, but I got distracted with my online classes, and didn't end up posting it, so finally, here is my review for Perfect Game! :D

I've been a big fan of Collette West's sports romances ever since I read Night Games and Game Changer, and with each book, I fall more and more in love with the New York Kings! Just please, don't ask me to choose a favourite because I don't think I can! :P

I was soooooo excited to read Perfect Game, so when Collette West asked me to beta read it, I jumped at the chance!!!! I absolutely loved every single moment of it during the beta read, and when I reread it after its release, I loved it even more! ;D

One of the things that I love most about the New York Kings, apart from the sexy athletes, is how realistic the relationships are. They're not perfect, but they aren't all dramatic like a soap opera either. They're real, they take work, and the characters learn to communicate and be together. Scott and Carrie were an amazing couple! Scott is pretty much the biggest player...and by player, I mean off the field, out of all of the New York Kings, so it was fantastic to see him settle down! ;)

I loved seeing Scott and Carrie both grow and challenge themselves, but I really, really loved them together! They have AMAZING chemistry, and their banter was always hilarious! They were also on fire...and couldn't keep away from each other, which I loved! :D I also just loved seeing both Scott and Carrie let themselves take a chance on the amazing relationship that they could have...especially Scott! It was great to see a sexy player like him meet his match. ;D

I also really loved how in Perfect Game, we saw a bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff for the New York Kings's office. It was interesting seeing the owner, manager, and team dynamics, and I loved seeing Scott and Carrie figure out how to make their relationship work. I also loved both Carrie's sister, Alex, and Scott's brother, Bob, too. And as always, it was great seeing the friendships between the team members and their significant others. I'm always a fan of seeing the couples from the other books pop up!

Overall, I absolutely loved Perfect Game! It was sexy, funny, and a wonderful story! If you like sports romances or even just regular contemporary romances, I think you'll love this one!! :D

What do you think?
Does Perfect Game sound like a book you'd enjoy?

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