Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Historical Fiction Fans! Don't Miss the TIMELESS TOUR!

If you're a fan of historical fiction and romance, and live in Canada, then you're definitely going to be interested in this! SUSANNA KEARSLEY and GENEVIEVE GRAHAM are touring across Canada! :D

The full details can be found on Simon & Schuster's website, here: Timeless Tour.

But, I'll give you a quick rundown! They'll be touring from May 9th until May 13th, and they'll be stopping in Victoria (9th), Calgary (11th), Winnipeg (12th), and Uxbridge (13th)! Full details for each event are listed on the website.

And if you can't make it to the event, then there are some extras on the website as well, and the authors are both very active on social media, so if you can't say you love their books in person, I'm sure they'd love to hear it online!

Feel free to share this button (you can click on it to make it bigger, too), and news of this fabulous tour:
So, who's already planning to go?

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