Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tea Tuesdays! (15): Today's Tea is...TOASTED ALMOND! @SteepedTeaInc #SteepedTea #LooseLeafLovin #LovinMySteeped

I'm totally obsessed with tea, so every Tuesday, I'm sharing one of my favourites...and maybe sometimes something just totally awesome and tea-related.

Recently my biggest tea obsession has been loose tea! If you're new to loose tea, check out my first Tea Tuesday post and see how easy it is to brew! You can also click my "Tea Tuesdays!" button above to see my previous tea posts! :D

Recently, I took the plunge and decided to take my passion for tea to a whole new level...and I signed up to be an independent Steeped Tea consultant (My Steeped Tea Website | My Steeped Tea Facebook page)! This might be dangerous...that much tea so easily at my fingertips! haha I have found some amazing new teas though! 

Today's tea is Steeped Tea's TOASTED ALMOND!

TOASTED ALMOND is a super scrumptious black that has bits of almonds in it...it's so tasty! :D I never used to really enjoy the taste of nuts (other than flavours peanuts :P) before I started drinking more tea, and now I love nutty teas! :D

In the catalogue, Steeped Tea has this to say about TOASTED ALMOND, "You'll go nuts for the intense aroma of almonds in this black tea!"

I definitely agree...it's so intense, and yummy, yummy, yummy! :D

TOASTED ALMOND kind of reminds me of DAVIDsTEA's Forever Nuts (featured on my second Tea Tuesdays! post, here!), but it's not fruity. TOASTED ALMOND is a bit richer, and its a darker blend. :D  It also has caffeine which is nice on mornings when I'm a bit tired, and it also has all natural flavours, while Forever Nuts does have some artificial ones. I kind of always ignored the whole artificial flavour aspect in teas before, but with Steeped Tea, I've been more conscious, and they've impressed me, too. :D

What do you think?
Are you a fan of black teas? What about teas with nuts in them?
And what's your take on artificial vs. natural flavours in your teas? Does that impact whether you buy or drink a product?

And what's your favourite tea right now? :)


  1. yay congrats on becoming a consultant and this sounds really nice for the mornings! although i do love my fruity teas...

    1. Thanks, Zo! It's GREAT for mornings! haha I do, too. ;) But I love this one when I need caffeine, and it's chilly in the morning...which it has been lately unfortunately! :P

  2. I like this one ... it's a nice flavour! I can't do a whole pot of it, though, it's more of a one cup tea for me. And bonus, the husband likes it! Ha ha ...

    1. It is a nice flavour! :D I normally just do a cup of tea when I make them for myself anyway, but I agree, a whole pot for one person would definitely be a bit much! haha YAY! :D That's a definite bonus! :D

  3. I'm not convinced I'm a fan of black teas, but I do find I'm liking nutty flavours more and more! I will have to try going outside my comfort zone more - who knows what I'm missing out on by sticking to my old standbys!


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