More Than Books!

I've started to branch out on my blog, and post about more than just books! As much as I love books (and trust me, I love them a lot!), I do enjoy other things, too, so hopefully you're enjoying the new variety of posts that I've begun to share!

I've compiled them all on this page so that they're in one easy place for you to find! :)


On Mondays, I've begun sharing my different manicures! I love nail polish, so if you do, too, you might want to check out these posts! You can click the banner below, and it will take you to the label that has all of my "Mani Monday" posts under it! :)


On Tuesdays, I share my love of TEA!!! I've become totally obsessed with tea, especially loose tea, so on Tuesdays, I sometimes share my favourite teas, tea-related things, or new teas I'm trying! :) Again, just click the banner below, and it'll take you to the label where you can find all of my "Tea Tuesdays!" posts!  

** Also, if you're new to loose tea, the very first "Tea Tuesday!" post I did has a bit of an introduction to it. You can find it, here.


I haven't posted as many of these posts, but on Thursdays, I've occasionally begun sharing different music that I love or am currently listening to. :) Once again, click the banner below and you can find all of my "What I'm Listening To..." posts! :)


And here is the final newer type of post that I've been sharing that isn't book related! On Fridays, I've been sharing things that I'm currently fangirling over! So far, it's mostly been movies or TV shows. ;) Click the banner below, and you can find all of my "Fangirl Fridays" posts! :)


Well, I hope you enjoy my non-book-related posts!

Let me know what you think in the comments on this page, or on the different posts! 
I'd be happy to hear your thoughts! Also, if you'd like to join in, please do! Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me you've joined in though because I definitely don't want to miss it! :D

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